Paradise for a Fortnight

Life can become an endless rut when people who work in small cubicles allow it, and they often spend their time dreaming about their annual vacation. They scrimp and save, never going out on the town, to afford the vacation of their dreams. Their hopes are all pinned on the magical ten days when they will escape the boredom of their normal life, and some of them even hope they will find the partner they have waited to meet.

There is a lot that can happen on a vacation, but trying to cram a year’s worth of living into it is generally unrealistic. It might happen on a regular basis in the movies, but most people who sacrifice everything have forgotten how to truly live a good life. Their dreams of paradise for a fortnight can often come to nothing if they fail to socialize and enjoy life on a regular basis.

Discovering that right person is a long and intense search for most people, so their chances of finding them during a vacation are fairly slim. They might find someone who shows them the wonder of life for a few days, but it often does not survive their trip back to reality. There are many reasons for this, but mostly it is because the person is not being true to their real life while they are out of their normal environment.

Taking chances and having fun should be a part of every life throughout the year, and pinning all their hopes on a vacation is a way to avoid the responsibility to make their life better. For those who seek paradise, they can find it in their own neighborhood if they just look hard enough. Finding their perfect match might also be done if they apply the same planning and effort into searching close to home.