An Endless Vacation

People who have used an object such as a boat to attract dates sometimes find a vacationer who has no need to return to work, and this interferes with the nature of their lifestyle. The person they thought to spend a week or two with is suddenly planning to remain, and the casual dater knows his plans are about to take a turn for the worst. He can pull up anchor and move to another location, or he can try to make the relationship work.

If the person who owns the boat has means, the relationship might work out for both people. Those who have spent everything they have on creating the illusion of a boating lifestyle will find a relationship difficult, and the other person involved will be angry and disappointed. The problem is that the relationship was never supposed to last more than a week or two, and the visitor never realized they were in a fantasy world.

No matter how it occurs, finding out another person took advantage is painful. Recovery from this scenario requires rebuilding a sense of self-worth, and the person must learn how to trust others again. Going out on more dates seems impossible, but that is exactly the medicine that will cure their ills. Turning to an escort agency at this time is a good prescription for curing what ails them, and they need not worry about trust issues. Escorts are not seeking relationships, and they will leave at the end of the session. Even with an independent escort, there are no pretenses of forming a permanent bond,.

Professionals who offer this service are there to listen, console or go out on the town for a fun time. They are trained to be companionable, and commitment is not part of the contract. Rather than forming a bond, they are there as only a temporary support. This gives a person going through emotional pain the ability to socialize and recover in their own time.