Love and the Vacation Lifestyle

Boats, no matter how large, are a limited area when they are on the water. Two people sharing one boat should be able to live a companionably, and some couples have found this is the lifestyle they crave. Rather than living on the land and having normal careers, they travel from port to port. Both of them are adventurous, but they find peace, solitude and a deep love for each other when living on the water.

Not all people are ready for the closeness associated with living on a boat together, and it takes two people with a high tolerance to make it work. Their lives are divided by two extremes, and they must be able to function in both of them perfectly. While sailing on the seas, solitude is the only companion they have besides each other. Hitting the ports is a time to socialize with a whole new group of people, and the couple must enjoy mixing and mingling before they head out for their next destination.